About Us

Luis S. Reid
4814 Highland Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Occupation: Marine and Aquatic Biologist
Company: Pep Boys Manny, Moe & Jack


We in The Best Dogueville West Wood Repair are specialists within the repair of exterior gates, mantels, windows, shades, etc. and timber inside We create all required repairs to absent or damaged wood details and remove all areas to simple timber.

Our enthusiasm for woodwork started in France being an apprentice in my own father’s greatest friend’s store that was recognized to make the very best gates and windows around in the era of 14. I remained there, till I quit to work for still another master builder who’d tutor me in my own life’s function sharpening my early curiosity about the art – the-art of furniture completing and making. Until my children immigrated within the 1960’s I caused this grasp. Within the 1970’s I started my effective and lengthy job in furniture repair, getting my German-discovered art towards the Ny community. With my furniture completing and making history, I had been ready to provide quality furniture repair. Fundamentally, I advanced to large scale brownstone repair, a life long goal recognized from little furniture restoration. I’m always within the conclusion of every item, taking satisfaction on the task website with my team, after I was only starting at 14 exactly the same today because it was.